Royal Aussies of Virginia

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Pictured: Kiara and Kovu Litter K02- Born 27 Oct 2019

Why Breed? Our Background story..

We do not consider ourselves breeders, we are proud parents of adorable fur-babies that we love dearly and wish to share them with the world. We find the Miniature Austrailian Shepherd to be a truly amazing breed. We breed in our home and are happy to have you visit us or our dogs and check out our facility but we ask that you respect our privacy and setup an appointment to meet.

When choosing a breeder there are dozens of questions you should be asking and we take no offense to those questions. Sadly the most important thing to research is the legitamacy of the breeder, are they real or a scam. For that we like to direct you to our google reviews to see what others say and we also setup public meet-ups, weather depending. If you'd like to meet to shake our hand and see our dogs to confirm we're real we have no problem with that! Shoot us a text or e-mail and we'll arrange a meeting to put you at ease. Some examples of other important questions are: How often do you breed your females? What color are the dam and sire (mixing two merles is NOT good)? Are your dogs genetically tested, what are the results? How are they cared for? How old are puppies when they go to their furever homes? Do you offer a health guarantee? These are just a few that should be asked and give you a place to start. We answer all of those questions and many more on our website and try to inform you as much as possible about our process.

Through our searches to find our dream dogs we ran into many complications: bad websites, bad breeders, no information regarding their facilities or care while raising the puppies and a slew of other issues. In all of those we realized, we wanted to be better. We want to provide you with the best possible experience in adopting your fur-loved-one. That said, we've gone to great lengths to include as much information as possible about our dogs, our facilities, the puppies in the litter and even provide live webcams so you can monitor their care or status at any time. There is always room for improvement so please feel free to let us know of issues or concernes so we can make your experience the best ever.

We are located on the border of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake right off of Indian River Rd and look forward to providing the Norfolk, Va Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News and surrounding areas with their next fun-loving fur-babies.

Norfolk, Virginia, Va, Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Chesapeake, Pungo