Royal Aussies of Virginia

We're happy you'd like to learn a little more about our Aussies and our facilities. Below are our dogs that we breed, these dogs are not for sale. If you're interested in puppies for sale please click the Puppies option on our menu bar and goto Current Litter.

Princess Kiara Royal
(Born Nov 5th 2016)

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Kiara is a female Miniature Australian Shepherd. She is great with kids and loves to run and play, Oh and lick, she loves to lick EVERYTHING. Fetch is her favorite game, even when its not ours at times. She is full of energy and enjoys long runs and hikes. She has a HUGE personality and swears she is a human sometimes.

Height: 14 inches
Weight: 22 pounds

Prince Kovu Royal
(Born Mar 14th 2017)

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Kovu is a male Toy Australian Shepherd. He has a much more mellow side, enjoys napping in front of the fire place and cuddles on the couch during a movie. He loves to play with the kids and chase laser pointers instead of playing with toys. He gives the occasional kisses but would rather have you rub his tummy. Registered with CKC.

Height: 12 inches
Weight: 19 pounds

Princess Bailey Royal
(Born May 1st 2018)

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Bailey is a female Miniature Australian Shepherd. She is bred as a working dog which accounts for her shorter hair and stance. She has high amounts of energy which stem from her herding genes and she loves to run. Due to her hair length and style she requires much less grooming. She loves to cuddle and won't let you get away without petting her. Registered with APRI and CKC.

Height: 14 inches
Weight: 21 pounds

Our Facilities

We pride ourselves in the quality of life and our facility upkeep. Our dogs aren't an income source, they're our children. As such we've devoted several hours of time in building and maintaining our puppy and birthing areas. The puppy room and yard are under constant video surveillance and those video feeds are provided so that you can see how they live and how they're tended to at all times. All puppies are handled regularly and socialized with children of all ages.

About the Miniature Australian Shepherd Breed

The Miniature Australian Shepherd also known as the Miniature American Shepherd is described as an intelligent working breed with strong instincts for herding and flock guarding. It is easy to train, enthusiastic and persistent toward its work, and is protective, devoted, and loyal to its family. The Miniature American Shepherd is neither shy nor aggressive. The breed is often trained for dog sports such as herding, agility, obedience, disc dog, flyball, and others.

Height: 13 - 18 inches (33 - 46 cm)
Weight: 15 - 35 pounds (6 - 16 kg)
Life span: 13–15 years

Height: 10 - 14 inches (26 - 36 cm)
Weight: 7 - 20 pounds (3 - 9 kg)
Life span: 13–15 years

*There is overlap in weight as a stocky Toy might weigh more than a slender Mini.*


The Miniature American Shepherd was developed in California during the late 1960s with the breeding of small, unregistered dogs that were thought to be Australian Shepherds. These dogs were bred with a goal of maintaining their small size, active character and intelligence.

The breed was first registered with the National Stock Dog Registry in 1980 and was originally called the Miniature Australian Shepherd. By the early 1990s, they had attained nationwide popularity. Several clubs promoted these small dogs, as they were registered and shown with various rare-breed organizations. The first parent breed club and registry, MASCUSA, was formed in 1990 and incorporated in 1993. The breed entered the AKC Foundation Stock Service as the Miniature American Shepherd in May 2011. The Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA (MASCUSA) is the designated national parent club of the American Kennel Club.

The breed has been used for herding smaller stock such as sheep and goats, although they have the heart to tackle larger stock as well. Their small size was looked upon with favor, as they could more easily double as a household pet. They became especially popular with equestrians traveling to horse shows, as their intelligence, loyalty, and size made them an excellent travel companion. In this way their popularity spread across the country. Today, the Miniature American Shepherd is established across the U.S. and internationally. It is a breed with a unique identity - an eye catching, versatile little herding dog, equally at home on a ranch or in the city.